New Year’s

New Year’s Eve is not really an exciting event for me. I am not a partier, so usually my New Year’s Eve starts with me helping my mom make some snacks and then just turning on the tv and getting ready to watch the ball drop. This year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and head to a party that I was invited to. When I got there, I was the first one so I started to help my friend to get everything set up. As time went on, more people started to pile in and I instantly was uncomfortable.  People started o become louder so, I thought it was time for me to head home. I hope next year to try to be more sociable.

“New Year’s Eve 2018” by LMoonlight shared under CC0 Creative Commons License.


Kindness Rock Project 2018

The word I chose for my rock project was HOPE. I know so many people who could use this word to help them get through the hard time they are going through. If you find/ receive this rock, comment below and let me know how you found this rock and how it has inspired you!


“Hope” by krturningpages shared under the CC 2.0 license